Organising Team

Local team

Tinkerers Lab

Tinkerers Lab is a small R+D+I platform in Digital Fabrication Technologies that works with research and educational institutions to create innovate projects.

Armengol Torres

IT and aerospace senior consultant. He is the National Coordinators Manager at World Space Week and the founder and president of Comunitat NewSpace (NewSpace Cluster).

Marta Lebrón

Freelance translator and linguist. She is passionate about space and astronomy. She is the editing team coordinator for the Space Generation Advisory Council and she also collaborates with World Space Week.

Clara Giménez

Physics student at Universitat de Barcelona. She aspires to become an astrophysicist and her dream is to become an astronaut. She is enthusiastic about anything space related.

Juanjo Bazán

M.Sc. in Astrophysics. Open Source Software developer and Open Science advocate. Galactic and intergalactic space enthusiast. 🦄 👾 🚀

Francho García

Aerospace Engineer working at the European Space Agency (@esa) and National Point of Contact of the @SGAC. Since he was a kid he's been passionate about space and a fanatic of rockets. Someone he admires? Elon Musk - "I could either watch it happen or be part of it".

Milena Orlandini

Science and technology communication specialist, leading a R&D project in Space Technology and Digital Fabrication, as part of ESA-BIC Barcelona. Regional partner of UN World Space Week and SpaceUp Barcelona.


Special Collaborators

Holger Voss

Space geek, astrophysicist working for Gaia mission, University of Barcelona (@GaiaUB), scale model rocketeer, mission director for MoonDot missions of @Mausonaut

Jeroen Toelen

Innovation Officer for Colruyt Group. Space aficionado, tech enthusiast and (time)traveler. He’s also the lead organiser at TEDxFlanders.

Oriol Gásquez

Aerospace & software engineer at HAKUTO (Google Lunar XPrize Team) working on lunar robotic exploration systems in Tokyo. He is also cofounder of STEAMakers and ISU SSP15.